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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Full House at the Republican Meet and Greet

Elmer Whittaker 01/08/2012

It was a great candidate’s meet and greet yesterday at Mohave Valley’s Sun Mission with a full house of an anticipating and thankful audience. Close to 150 citizens and voters came to see and listen to the close to 25 speakers and candidates.

Organizer Steven Robinson and the Mohave County Republican Party did a fantastic job coordinating this event that had refreshments and a variety of hors d’oeuvres waiting for the audience.

The rising star of Arizona’s Republican Party and Arizona’s great constitutional hope for the US Senate, Doug McKee from Bullhead City was the first candidate to speak and reaffirmed for everyone the importance of the US Constitution with its Bill of Rights not only for his candidacy but for the foundation of our great nation. Doug McKee was extremely well received by the audience. Also candidate for US Senate Claire Van Steenwyck who made its way all the way from Phoenix gave an enthusiastic speech following Doug McKee.

Mohave County Republican Chairman and constitutionalist Ron Gould who has formed an exploratory committee for his likely candidacy for US Congress, spoke in particular to the dangers of our economic crisis and thanked everyone for coming.

While constitutional candidate for Arizona State Senate Sam Scarmardo was not able to attend the meet and greet and introduce his platform, also State Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward was very warmly received by the voters.

A confident Wyatt Brooks, constitutional candidate for one of the two seats of the Arizona State Legislature spoke on the dangers, restrictions and problems that the globalists Agenda 21 causes not only for Mohave County. Newcomer Peter Eidsness showed with much self-assurance and local knowledge that he too is a constitutional candidate that can be counted on for one of the seats of the Arizona State Legislature.

Current Sheriff Tom Sheahan and Mohave County Attorney Matt Smith were a no show once again, although Tom Sheahan at least sent his lackey Jim McCabe to say a few words on his behave. It clearly shows that both incumbents Sheriff Tom Sheahan and Attorney Matt Smith are still unopposed. The citizens of Mohave County can only hope that challengers for both seats will still come forward so that even those two incumbents find the courage to confront their constituents and voters.

Incumbent and unopposed County Assessor Ron Nicholson and County Recorder Carol Meier spoke to their respective positions as it should be. Incumbent School Superintendent Mike Fine presented his issues and plans while his opponent George Bagube was a no show. Candidate for County Treasurer Cindy Landa Cox spoke to introduce her plans and visions while incumbent County Treasurer Melissa Havatone was unable to attend the meet and greet.

Incumbent County Supervisor Tom Sockwell speech was meaningless as so often but did receive some almost undue praise and encouragement from Steven Robinson in spite that the Republican Party had announced not to support any County Supervisors who voted for the increase of the so controversial Property Tax. So, it does not seem clear how the Republican Party might implement their non-support for all three incumbent County Supervisors who ruled the county along with their County Manager Ron Walker so corruptly and unconstitutionally causing a flurry of law suits against Mohave County.

Even Hildy Angius must have found pity, mercy and compassion for the now 80 year old Sockwell in her otherwise fiery and outspoken speech pointing out many of the problems that Mohave County is facing due to the corruption of the current Board of Supervisors. Due to some controversy over Hildy Angius own commitment to the US Constitution, Hildy today assured everyone that she indeed is a constitutional candidate which was well received by many. I assured Hildy Angius that I would personally hold her to this promise which Hildy confidentially and smilingly acknowledged.

Jeanne Kentch, the latest challenger for the County Supervisor seat in district 5 surprised the audience with great confidence, enthusiasm and local knowledge. Jeanne in particular showed herself very concerned and knowledgeable about water issues and conservation in Mohave County. Constitutional candidate Steven Moss was unable to attend the meet and greet due to a prior commitment for the national youth soccer league but sent a representative to speak on his behave. Greg Branson, Sue Donahue, Emma Jean Watson, Steven Hess, Roy Hagemyer and even status quo candidate Joe Morabito spoke on behave of their candidacies for the seat of district 5 supervisor.

Amongst the most interested audience were Vice Chairman of the Mohave County Republican Party and constitutional candidate for County Supervisor in district 4 Bob Boyd, and constitutionalist Travin Pennington who is running for County Supervisor in district 1.

Also seen amongst the audience Patti Lewis, activists Joe Kanelos and Sharon Holmes who has not been heard of much lately. Ron Paul’s campaign organizer in Mohave County Joan Lewis was also amongst the audience as was interim Chairman of the newly formed Mohave County Committee of Safety Dean C. Trivandian. Independent and constitutional supervisor candidate in district  4 James Clark was unable to be amongst the audience due to his own meet and greet later on that day in Oatman, AZ.

Again noteworthy, the repeated absence of the otherwise so prominent and outspoken activists like Gianluca Zanna, Jim Consolato, Mervin Fried and Al DiCicco.

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