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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Constitutional Sheriff’s Syndrome

Elmer Whittaker  12/05/2011 

I most certainly appreciate Sheriff Richard Mack’s efforts and successes in saving our constitution and country, with his various projects to raise awareness about the importance of a constitutional county Sheriff – “America’s Last Hope”.

Lately however, I have been hearing about all those wonderful constitutional Sheriff’s popping out of nowhere ready to defeat the federals single handedly.

I don’t think so. In fact, I know it isn’t so.

Truly not wanting to blemish Sheriff Mack’s efforts and successes in any way shape or form, I’m not buying into this “I’m suddenly a good and constitutional Sheriff” line. Those aren’t new Sheriff’s trying to sell us their services, it’s the same old corrupt sons of bitches who have been brutalizing, abusing, violating and betraying their constituents for many years now all over the nation.

If we are to attempt to rely on the same Sheriffs and police departments who’s deputies and officers have been breaking their oaths on a daily basis while violating the constitutional rights of the citizens they swore to protect, then we will without a doubt, be into a sore awakening.

Sure there are the few Sheriff’s, deputies and police officers who really want to restore and defend the constitution, but the sad truth is that any law enforcement officer wanted to really defend the constitution and protect the people, they could have and would have done so long before instead of standing idly by watching citizens be murdered and brutalized.

Why would we trust them now, if we couldn’t trust them for many years?

I see the problem with our southern border and something needs to be done about it. But I also see new problems to be added to our boarder problems if the State of Arizona or our entire nation goes into a crisis mode, like possibly roving bands of heavily armed “banditos” coming over the border to ransack and plunder whatever it is that the American people have left over.

Sure it would be nice to have Sheriff deputies and police officers would stop all that, but I really do not see it happen.

Yes, Sheriff Mack’s theorem that the county Sheriff could and should save the nation from tyranny is absolutely true. It just seems to be a major problem to find suitable and constitutional Sheriff’s candidates, otherwise Mohave County would have a constitutional Sheriff’s candidate, Quartzsite would not be under siege by a corrupt police chief, and the civil rights and constitutional violation in Maricopa County would have stopped before 1070 ever came into place.

Oath Keeper Steward Rhodes is absolutely correct when he asks our military to make a choice between the constitution and tyranny. But long before our military is ever going to get confronted with choices of for or against the people, it is the law enforcement who’s choosing of sides is way past overdue.

I really do not believe in “beautifying” a grim situations and think the citizenry should be confronted with the whole truth.

Let’s just not count on our law enforcement agencies to protect us from tyranny.

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