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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lies and Corruption in Politics

By Elmer Whittaker 12/30/2011

It cannot have escaped anyone but the most ignorant person, or those who live in complete denial, that Americas society and politics is riddled by lies and corruption. However it is nowhere more visible and prevalent than in politics and bureaucratic administration and other government services or departments.

It really is commonly accepted that politicians lie and corruption is simply part of politics reaching from the smallest community all the way past the White House. That’s right, “past” the White House, as it is not the top or end of our power hierarchy.

Being that every person is responsible for their own actions and deeds it is easy to point our fingers at the politicians as it is them in the end who commit these lies and criminal corruption. Of course the politicians and administrators carry just about all the fault and guilt, but it would not be fair to overlook the underlying reason for those lies and corruption.

The underlying reason for so shamelessly lying and corrupting everything in sight, is really YOU, the citizen and voter. The common people.

Time after time it is YOU the people who know they are being lied to, but either out of convenience or because it fits in their agenda, the lies are accepted and enabled. Time and time again do you vote for and support the same corrupt and lying people. Almost regardless of the consequences or who gets hurt. It is YOU the people who are accepting lies and corruption as a almost normal part of life, and it is again you who teaches our children to accept lies and even become liars themselves.

Some of consider themselves religious and god-fearing people, quoting out of the Bible and going to church every chance they have. What a life of hypocrisy many of those people live. How can those people fabricate vicious lies and then on Sundays take their Bible to church like nothing ever happened?

As long as the common citizens continue to enable and support outright liars, or worse yet, become malicious lairs themselves, there will never be a better government. Not locally, not statewide and not nationwide.

Only by rejecting the lies of the unscrupulous and by exposing their lies and holding them accountable will there ever be real change in our lives.

Alone the lies, fabrications and corruption that I have witnessed in the past three years here in Mohave County alone, by politicians, law enforcement, judicial branch and by common citizens is not just disgusting and disheartening but outright shocking.

It is little consolidation for the few honest people around to know that this is not restricted to Mohave County, but apparently an ingrown part of the American society. At least as long as YOU all accept end enable it.

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