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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pissed Off – Literally

Elmer Whittaker  11/15/2011
I took a trip to Phoenix just recently, when between Wickenburg and Phoenix in e middle of the desert I really had to relief myself most urgently. But knowing since the arrest of a native Indian in Peach Springs, AZ by the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, that it is illegal to urinate in public which could not only get you arrested and fined, but indeed being sentenced as a sex-offender.

So, unlike I used to find a suitable spot to relief myself, I drove quite a few miles farther until I found a place where I might just be safe from prosecution. But, I have to admit, for the entirety of me relieving myself I felt uncomfortable, guilty, coerced and stripped of my human rights.

Which of course now give rise to the reasonable question of “Are you people NUTS”?

Returning from Phoenix I couldn’t help but wondering if this is an insane state law or if this law exists solely in Mohave County. Naturally my next thought was how this law can be repealed at least in Mohave County.

But while I am still contemplating the repeal of this law, the Kingman Police Department comes up with yet another ordinance proposal of “the KPD having only been able to charge an individual seen relieving themselves in public with disorderly conduct, or even littering, as there was no ordinance specifically prohibiting public urination and defecation.” Kingman Police Capt. Rusty Cooper naturally forgot to mention the fact that people even can be charged with sex-crimes for urinating in public. No surprise here though for attempting to conceal the truth from the readership. Police Chief DeVries certainly knows whom to promote in this Department.

Then Cooper goes on to further lead the citizens into la la land when he stated thathe based the ordinance on similar ones across the state. The law would make public urination a class 1 misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail, three years’ probation and a $2,500 although Cooper said it's unlikely anyone would ever face that.”

Last evening Tuesday 11/15/2011 the Kingman City Council unanimously decided to adapt the new ordinance after just a few minutes of unproductive discussion. Mayor Salem even got to pretend that he cares about the homeless people in Kingman to assure they would have a place to pee. A real nice sentiment, but it somehow looked so staged.


A non-scientific poll on facebook showed 4 citizens for the new ordinance and 32 against it. While these are only a total of 36 citizens it still shows a tremendous and overwhelming majority against the ordinance. That of course raises the question of how City Attorney Carl Cooper and Police Chief DeVries were able to get such an unpopular ordinance before the council and how the hell did they get the entire City Council to unanimously vote for the new ordinance.

The question now is, if the people of Kingman and Mohave County sit idly by when their City Council along with its Mayor, City Attorney and Chief of Police once more pull a fast one on them and adopt an ordinance in apparent complete opposition to the majority of voters.

Something needs to give. Soon.

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