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Saturday, November 12, 2011

First Republican Candidate Meet & Greet

WTPOMCN  11/12/11

GOLDEN VALLEY, AZ - In spite of the only 24 hour notice for the Republican County and State Candidates and District 4 Supervisor Candidate Meet and Greet in Golden Valley over 40 candidates and voters came.

Pastor Dean Trivandian blessed the food and refreshments and Jean Bishop led the Pledge of Alliance to get the event started.

Ron Gould who has recently founded an exploratory committee to run for US Congress made the introduction speech followed by incumbent County Assessor Ron Nicholson and County Treasurer Melissa Havatone who gave an account of the tasks they are currently involved in as well as an expectation of the upcoming year.

Sheriff Tom Sheahan, Recorder Carol Meier, Attorney Matt Smith, School Superintendent Mike File and Superior Court Judge Rick Williams were not at the gathering, which was the first one for the 2012 election cycle. According to host Steven Robinson other Meet and Greets to meet the candidates are planned on a near monthly basis.

The candidates for the Arizona State Senate who content for the termed out Ron Gould’s Senate seat followed with Nancy McClain who’s speech was rather casual and non-committing and the impressively experienced and determined Sam Scarmardo who already served as Republican Precinct Committeeman for the past 38 years and was proudly involved in every presidential campaign since Richard Nixon. Scarmardo also served as Vice-Mayor and City Council member of Lake Havasu City.  Dr. Kelli Ward had to serve on a medical board and was not in attendance. However she at least recorded a video that was played by Shannon, one of her campaign assistants.

Wyatt Brooks who gave his first speech in front of a room full of people started his long planned campaign for Arizona State Representative in the State Legislature with a lot of enthusiasm and foresight . Wyatt ended with asking all citizens for their trust and support to make long due changes for the citizens of Mohave County. A call for support that might just be answered by the people of Mohave County.

With George Schnittgrund from Lake Havasu City yet another aspiring and enthusiastic candidate threw his hat into the ring and introduced himself as candidate for Arizona Representative in the State Legislature. Incumbent Doris Goodale was a no show.

Bob Boyd, Vice-Chair of the Mohave County Republican Party started out the contest for the new County Supervisor seat in District 4. He was the only candidate who even made reference to the scandalous practices of the current Board of Supervisors and most of all the misdeeds of County Manager Ron Walker who just recently announced that he would quit at the end of 2012. Bob Boyd shared his worries about the remaining 14 months of Ron Walkers contract and what damage Ron Walker could still do, advocating an early termination of Walker in spite of his golden parachute. All in all Bob Boyd seemed very sincere and honest which is already a good basis for an successful candidacy. Bob Boyd was the only candidate who mentioned the Bill of Rights in his introductory speech. Bob Boyd might become a most valuable candidate for all liberty and constitution loving citizens of District 4.

A rather meek Joy Brotherton followed with a message of unity between our county government, local municipalities and citizens. Curtis Cutshaw a Kingman Jeweler and Earl Hamlynn, owner of a TV Station, made both a nice and personal introduction but did not really share much of what their platform is and for what they stand.

Rick Sherwood once again revealed who he really is and what the citizens of Mohave County can expect from him as County Supervisor. Rick Sherwood’s main interests seem to be the attraction of business to Mohave County and our water supply. As his original statement that he really loved conflict did not go over all so well, he changed his tune in his speech a little bit today. Fortunately, Rick Sherwood showed his true face once again when out of all the candidates this day, he was the only one who offered the voters a little “bribe” for signing his petition, in form of a little gift from his wife.

This was not only most inappropriate but once again he showed exactly the type of man he is, and what kind of politics his (republicans only) constituents can expect from him as Supervisor. They say; when a man shows you who he is, believe him.  And I do.

Divorced single mother Tanya Smith who came with her two sons to the event, is a first time candidate and only a three year resident of Mohave County. Her main issue seems to be that the extremely strained relationship between the current Mohave County Board of Supervisors, which is truly riddled by corruption, and the citizens of Mohave County is nothing else but a matter of mutual disrespect. Most surprising to the audience however was her reference to her anger management problem, which she doesn’t seem to have under control as of yet.

The last of the speakers was Sandi Reynolds who explained why she withdrew her candidacy a few days ago. Sandi Reynolds was the only candidate this day who referred to the US Constitution.  She then however used her time to endorse Rick Sherwood for County Supervisor, a gesture not really fair to other candidates, as nobody else was given a chance for an endorsement. Inappropriateness seems to follow the Sherwood campaign.

The biggest disappointment at the Meet and Greet was probably, that none of the candidates even mentioned the word “corruption”, the biggest problem that Mohave County faces.

Host Steven Robinson introduced independent candidate for Supervisor in District 4, James Clark and democratic candidate Denise Bensusan, candidate in District 1. 

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