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Monday, November 21, 2011

How democracy was over-turned

Elmer Whittaker  11/21/11
I have been a supporter and promoter of Occupy Wall Street from the very beginning. I saw a real chance of uniting the left and the right, as this may be our last chance for a peaceful resolution with our government. And the movement is still going strong. It is pretty clear to me that neither the left nor the right can achieve it by themselves.

For all not so familiar with the set up of OWS, it is a strict democratic movement. All decisions are concerning the operation, continuance and actions taken are made by a “General Assembly” in which everyone is invited or even expected to participate and make his vote heard.  It is a leader less movement that rests on the foundation of the US Constitution, especially the first amendment and freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. No protesters are ever removed for exercising their right of freedom of speech. Until now.

I have always advocated an end to partisan ship and always attempted to include member of both parties in all the issues. Hence what has happened to me in Occupy Havasu and Occupy Kingman came as a complete surprise to me, especially here in Mohave County.

As many of you already know, a few days ago I have been removed from the Occupy Havasu facebook group and most of my postings were deleted in a most undemocratic way for no other reason than exercising my free speech which apparently was inconvenient to the democrats and the left wing.

The Occupy Havasu facebook group was then solidly put in the hands of the Democratic Party by transferring the group to Kay Lilland, a chair of the board of the Democratic Party of Mohave County and two other democrats who saw nothing wrong to remove people for exercising their free speech when it is inconvenient to the democrats.

Most supportive of my removal were another democratic chair of the board of the Democratic Party of Mohave County,  Denise Bensusan who suddenly changed back to demonizing and slandering me as well as now known communist  Stanfield Major, who admittedly denied being a communist and identified himself as socialist.

Denise Bensusan is now back to her old ways, slandering me and accusing me publicly of the most untruthful matters for which she naturally she has not the faintest evidence.

“Denise Bensusan: Take a look at the lies Whittiker is putting out about myself and the democratic party”

Denise Bensusan: Hes a frgin LIAR and I will not stand back and let him lie just because he is a scarey man (with his GUNS around him) who threatens woman and those weaker than him! I have done nothiing to this idiot!”

It seems to be easy to just follow the lies and slander of others no matter if true or false as can be seen on the following lies and slander of Christopher Mockenhaupt who then attempted to get me killed arrested and in problems with the law. Christopher was obviously upset I wanted no longer to support his bid as candidate for Sheriff in 2012:

“Christopher Mockenhaupt: calling the cops on you is not the definition of a "snitch." I called the cops on you because you're a unstable person with anger issues and are a prohibited possessor of firearms --- and you possess a lot of them. That's illegal. And for good reason. Calling a candidate for County Sheriff a police snitch is sort of an oxymoron you giant moron. I could care less about people smoking a J or doing something like that --- but a public safety issue like YOU with lots of firearms and armor-piercing ammo???? Oh, hell no. That's a civic duty. You represent a clear and present danger to the community with all of those guns and ammo --- and your hot temper and mental illnesses. That is why I called the cops on you. But that's hardly "snitching." You are a small man with a small mind and you like to feel bigger by making other people feel small. That's actually kinda sad and pathetic. I didn't "snitch" on you Elmer. I called the cops on you. I'd do it again too if needed because you are a danger to your neighbors. That's what people should expect from a Sheriff, right? Keeping them safe from psychos with guns is at the top of the list.”

Then yesterday I was removed and banned from the Occupy Kingman facebook group by Mikel Weisser, husband to the Democratic Party’s second chair of their board, Beth Weisser:

Mikel Weisser: Once again, i have chosen to remove someone from this page. Elmer Whitaker is apparently made threatening statements online and in person to others at our protest. Occupy's non-violence needs to be internal of course. This may not be my role, i am more of a disorganizer than an organizer, but i feel we all need to act "shanti sena" sometimes.

The removal from Occupy Kingman was even more puzzling to me as I haven’t even posted to this group in over a week and haven’t been to an Occupy Kingman protest in 3 weeks. As Mikel Weisser had not only removed and banned me from Occupy Kingman but also blocked me personally, I posted to his wife’s Beth Weisser, the second chair of the Mohave County  Democratic Party, on her facebook to find out what threats these people are talking about as I knew I hadn’t threatened or harassed anyone:

Elmer Whittaker to Beth Weisser: How dare your husband Mikel Weisser spread lies like this around on the internet and then block me? This is legally slander. Not a word is true. That is vicious, and I will consider seeking legal remedy.

Although none of this so called threat were ever explained to me a most interesting conversation developed:

Beth Weisser: I think you should consider backing off before there are lawsuits against you for the words you have spewed publicly!

Elmer Whittaker: I think you should consider telling me what I might have said that is against the law. What the hell are you people talking about? I have not threaten anyone for any reason not did I slander anyone or any organization. You people must have lost your mind.
Beth Weisser: I'm sorry you don't realize that you are being bullying when you put-down Democrats in Mohave County by calling them Communists.

Bridget Bockius: Many many people kniow how Elmer can get. If he made any threats of physical violence, you should follow through by reporting it. I've blocked him from contacting me for inappropriate behavior. I commend you for keeping Occupy Kingman a peaceful and Rational exercise.

(Bridget Bockius was obviously teamed up with Christopher Mockenhaupt when they both tried to get me killed or at least arrested with their lies)

Elmer Whittaker: So what are you accusing me of, Beth? What threats? Who did I threaten? I haven't been at on Occupy Kingman protest since the very first one. Who did I threaten? Who's making this shit up? And why do you chose to believe everything someone might have told you?

Elmer Whittaker: And yeah, Beth. I call communists, communists. Just because Stanfield thinks he is not a communist but a socialist doesn't necessarily make it so, however I do not feel any different about socialists either.

Elmer Whittaker: What you are doing is slander too, Bridget. That's not a good thing in your profession.

Beth Weisser: Good Bye Elmer Whittaker. I will probably talk politely with you in public but I will not let you post untruths on my wall or about me.

Elmer Whittaker: Ok, tell me what you are talking about, Beth Weisser?

Beth Weisser: You just threatened Bridget.

Elmer Whittaker: Where and when did I threaten Bridget?

Beth Weisser: You said, "What you are doing is slander too, Bridget. That's not a good thing in your profession."

Beth Weisser: That is threatening her.

Shortly thereafter Beth Weisser defriended me, but her husband Mikel Weisser, Stanfield Major, and the probably fictitious Bill Richardson had the following comments about that conversation and me  in Occupy Kingman:

Bill Richardson: Although I am a new member it was not difficult to assess that Mr. Whittaker was displaying erratic and bizarre behavior. I believe that you have taken appropriate steps to preserve the whole of what this group is attempting to accomplish.

(I have no idea who this dimwits is, nor do I have the slightest idea what he is talking about. Elmer)

Stanfield Major: I am one of Elmer's... I hesitate to say this... targets. I tried to engage him in reasoned debate a number of times and in a variety of forums. All I got in response was name calling and bluster. So... as reluctant as I am to exclude anyone (if he'd shown any willingness to engage I would have defended him, but he didn't)... I totally support your decision, Mikel.

Mikel Weisser: Hey, this is a battle of ideas, a battle. I am a peace-seeker, peace comes when abusers are stopped. And that's what this whole thing is about.

Stanfield Major: Is there anyone who feels this was the wrong decision? Are we, Mikel, Bill, and I specifically, I guess, getting Elmer wrong somehow? Please speak up if this is the way you feel.

Mikel Weisser: i think not. He just threatened me on my wife's page

(Very funny. Once again there were absolutely no threats made. Again, legally slander. Elmer)

Mikel Weisser: I deal with bullies professionally, currently as a school teacher and before that as a homeless shelter administrator. They refuse to admit their behavior is unacceptable, won't admit their aggression when caught, blame their behavior on others, and push as far as they are allowed. Elmer is in that range

(Right Mikel. Elmer)

At this point I have been removed from two (no longer) democratic Occupy movements, Occupy Havasu and Occupy Kingman, have been blocked on facebook by at least Mikel Weisser and Denise Bensusan, de-friended by Beth Weisser and other democrats and have myself blocked Stanfield Major, not for being a communist, but for stalking me on facebook.

Bill Richards, who joined the Occupy Kingman facebook group on Sunday 11/20/11 had this to say in Occupy Kingman the same evening:

Bill Richards: I believe it was a good decision and for the betterment of this group. I will be frank with you in that my wife was disturbed by the comments Mr. Whittaker was making and had told me that she was reconsidering becoming a part of this local action. Mr. Weisser did the right thing. It is not always easy to lead but Mr. Weisser has proven that he can handle the job. I believe that Mr. Whitakers removal was vital to the life of Occupy Kingman. 

Although I had made no posting or commentary at all in Occupy Kingman since 11/14/11 the most suspicious Bill Richard saw my removal as vital as his wife was disturbed about my comments. Right.

But at least the democratic leadership less Occupy Kingman group has now finally found a self-elected leader in Mikel Weisser.

Way to go, democrats!

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