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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Demise of the Golden Valley Community Council

Elmer Whittaker  03/18/2012

After it was agreed at the Golden Valley Community Council’s first meet & greet on March 10, 2012 and after several requests by Louis Tranka to entrust him to be interims Chairman of the GVCC and entrusting him with the password to the group, the first alarming signs of impending disaster came only hours after the rather productive meeting. 

Louis Tranka messaged me for help as he apparently lost access to the group and asked me to sign him back up to the group, which I was unable to do because he had already locked me out by changing the password to the group. The fact that Louis Tranka locked me out of the groups Facebook account came certainly as a surprise to me and was not anticipated by me or the other founders of the group.

When then Louis Tranka notified us that he had regained access to the group account and falsely announced that at the meeting it was agreed upon that Steven Robinson is now Secretary of the group, we the founders of GVCC realized we are apparently confronted with a bigger problem and I started to ask Louis Tranka to return the technical access to the group back to me, which Louis Tranka did not do, but instead announced that “everything was ok now and that he is in control”.

By then Louis Tranka had already added Rocky Sapp and Alicia Hartwig Fisk to the group. To this day I did not believe that either of them are residents of Golden Valley and that both were added to the group by Louis Tranka to harden his position of power.

As I used to have a rather good relationship with both, Rocky and Alicia in the past, I would have added them myself right in the beginning more than a month ago, had I believed or even just suspected that they lived in Golden Valley.

However, in a conversation with Rocky today, he assured me that both are residents of Golden Valley, and I took his word for it.

After 3-4 more requests to return the technical control of the group back to me were ignored by Louis Tanka, it was Steven Robinson who started open hostilities with your most untruthful insulting and disrespectful posting towards me, and off went Rocky and Alicia who made a battlefield out of our otherwise completely peaceful group, in the just 3 days they were in the group.

I then took rightfully control over the group back myself as the legitimate creator of the group. It was then when I realized that Louis Tranka already had customized every possible available group settings feature into his name, birthdate and personal information and created a new username for the group under ”loutranka”. It was clear that Louis Tranka never had the slightest intention of ever giving up his new found power as interim chairman.

As I had experience with Louis Tranka from his antagonistic break up attempt of my other group We The People Of Mohave County, which led to the discontinuance of the groups weekly “Roundtable” meeting, and my bad past experiences with you Steven Robinson, I didn’t feel like being under a barrage of unjustified attacks just to go through another power struggle in a group that I created, and kicked the four of you out of GVCC.

Funny how these “power struggles” always happen in groups that I created, populated and operate. It’s like people see something good, functional and effective and they want it. Either seize control of it or destroy it.

Unfortunately, I was outvoted by Dean C. Trivandian and James Clark and Louis Tranka was readmitted to GVCC on a probationary basis. At least so the official story goes. 

I sincerely hope that exposing Steven Robinson’s, instigations and misleading deceitfulness will keep Steven Robinson out of GVCC for good. I certainly will propose to include it in the bylaws of the Golden Valley Community Council.

I am actually amazed to see to what degree the leadership of  the Mohave County Republican Party allows his District Directors, to attack, slander, insult and disrupt other republican voters and will consider complaining about your behavior to Chairman Ron Gould and Vice-Chairman Bob Boyd, as I assume this to be the chain of command.

It is however with deep regret to have to acknowledge the sudden resignation of Dean C. Trivandian as Vice Chairman of the Golden Valley Community Council and having left the group earlier today, but not before deleting hundreds of postings made by mostly Rocky Sapp, Alicia Hartwig Fisk, Louis Tranka and Steven Robinson during the power struggle conflict of this past week.

I have to admit that Dean C. Trivandian’s actions and motivations are not quite clear to me at the moment.

The future of the Golden Valley Community Council is currently unclear and so is the moral of the story.

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