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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cussing, Swearing and Name Calling

Elmer Whittaker 03/17/2012

I have long admitted that I cuss and swear a lot in my daily life. In fact, I enjoy it. I choose to not use my favorite cuss words on facebook in discussion anymore or as little as possible after I stunningly saw how many of you are so offended by it, that what I believe to be the majority were and are willing to sacrifice Mervin Fried for wearing a simple t-shirt with a word that many did not approve of.

I thought this was despicable (I hope that’s not a cussword) of many of you, fanatical and compatible to the medieval inquisition.

Regardless, just because so many of you take such deep genuine offense, I have chosen to use less cuss and swear words around many of you. I made this choice as an act of consideration and compassion on my own, and not because I was forced to.

Unfortunately, letting make people the choice of using cuss and swear words is not good enough for the most of you. You actually would like to force people to follow your speech protocol and control with laws, force and oppression. But this is where you find me and the US Constitution standing in your way.

Using cuss and swear words in my daily life does not only make me think it gets my point across better or expresses my feelings better to myself and others, it undoubtedly is a fact that it does to me. My rights to express myself genuinely are being severely restricted. I miss using my favorite cuss words and thank God for the fact that my computer, dogs and surroundings do not mind me cussing and swearing.

If some people however think that the use of cuss and swear words is any indication of the user being not intelligent, uneducated, a lower class of people, are on the losing side of an argument   or unable to get their point across in another way, they are sadly mistaken.

It is actually funny to see how many people are accusing me of name calling and the use of cuss and swear words although I have refrained from doing so. I have even gone so far as to avoid calling an obvious liar, a liar.

Have any of you actually noticed how many of those accusing me falsely of name calling and cussing, are actually calling me or others names with the use of cusswords without the slightest hesitation?

Most people don’t seem to have a problem with that, as long they themselves are in the camp of those condemning name calling and cussing.

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