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Monday, March 19, 2012

Dr. Kelli Ward and I – The Whole Story

Elmer Whittaker  03/19/2012

Dr. Kelli Ward had been petitioning me for my support of her campaign for some time and had been rather critical of my preference for Sam Scarmardo, in spite that I had told her that I have not officially endorsed anyone and she was free and welcome to advertise and promote her candidacy on Mohave County Politics.

In spite of Kelli Ward petitioning me for my support, her husband Michael P Ward had left my group Mohave County Politics already some time ago for to me then unknown reasons just as other people do on an almost daily basis.

Kelli Ward’s disapproval for my preference for her opponent, candidate for AZ Senator Sam Scarmardo, however grew stronger and so she informed me, knowing full well of my stance against corruption and the “good ol’ boyz”, that Sam Scarmardo held a “membership card to the good ol’ boyz club” which of course could be plausible as Sam Scarmardo has been a Republican Precinct Committeeman (PC) for some 30 years.

While I always appreciate information about candidates that I consider to support and vote for, and this was indeed a disturbing thought to me, Dr. Kelli Ward did not stop at that and continued to inform me about Sam Scarmardo being corrupt and invited me to doing my own investigation about Sam’s “dealings to litigations in several areas to the Railroad” and that she  knew that I was an intelligent guy who can track things down” and that “those things shouldn't come from her as she was biased” and that she would “look forward to an independent evaluation”.

Of course having aroused my absolute curiosity about me possible supporting a corrupt candidate I asked for more details but only got an “I am not sending you anything specific - just things that voters have brought to my attention” for an answer.

My inquiries into the matter of Sam Scarmardo possibly being corrupt found absolutely no agreement within the circle of my sources and information. Quite in the contrary actually.

While I am always all ears to hear about cases of corruption I found Kelli Ward’s approach quite tacky and underhanded, but who isn’t nowadays.

When then a conflict between the board officers which included me, of the newly formed Golden Valley Community Council and Alicia Hartwig Fisk led to a pretty lousy and smeary posting from Alicia in another Facebook group that found readily agreement with Kelli Wards husband Michael Ward, I really took offense and wrote Kelli Ward about it.

Kelli Ward petitioning for my support while her husband is slamming me elsewhere is not the kind of thing I would expect from honorable people.

Of course the expected answer came right back to me with “I can't control his actions” but now suddenly all the curse words in Mohave County Politics became too much for her and so “that last guy pushed her over the edge of being able to stay in MCP”.

I personally found it rather intolerant, careless and uncompassionate for a Medical Doctor such as Dr. Kelli Ward to judge and discard an obvious mentally challenged older person so quickly and indifferent.

So I clearly took this as an action directed against me in support of her supporter Alicia Hartwig Fisk and had no doubt Kelli Ward would spread “the word” accordingly as to how many curse and swear words were being used in Mohave County Politics which of course is absolutely untrue especially since the departure of some of her supporters from the group.

I think my assessment of the situation was and is pretty correct and strongly feel that I was right to publicize her leaving of my group for the given reasons was the right thing to do to protect my and We The People Of Mohave County’s integrity and reputation.

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