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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mohave County’s Water will be in Short Supply

Elmer Whittaker  02/14/2012

Let me just put this thought out here for some brainstorming. Mohave County or Arizona altogether running out of drinking water has long been a thought that causes concern to me. Making the situation worse is that I do not have my own well, but depend on Mohave County (Golden Valley) Water. But even hauling my own water would not put me in any better situation.

I am not only depending on a dwindling resource but also on a likely unreliable delivery system that depends on fresh water supply just as much as I do. And that is not guaranteed.

Naturally, we all need water to sustain our lives. We need water for food preparation. We need water to keep out livestock alive and we need water to cultivate, seed and harvest our lands to feed ourselves. Lastly, we need water for hygiene, washing and cleaning. Not to mention water for firefighting purposes.

There is a number of things we can do right now to help postpone the inevitable disaster in a further distance. Save water wherever we can!

·         Install and use dual flush or composting toilettes.
·         Install water saving shower and faucet heads.
·         Take showers instead of baths.
·         Turn the water faucet off when brushing teeth.
·         Check and fix water leaks, even small ones.
·         Install instant hot water heaters.
·         Install Grey water systems.
·         Collect rain or flood waters to irrigate and cultivate plant life and livestock.
·         Layout and construct your water interrogation system in the most water sufficient way.
·         Restrict yourself to growing eatable plants, vegetables and trees.
·         Become politically involved to ensure no gross water waste will be committed in our county.

The more people who follow a ridged agenda of water wise and water saving lifestyle the more water will be saved and the longer our water reserves will last.

However, saving water now, will not be enough to spare us from the coming water drought disaster.


Firstly, I have to admit that I did not expect my blog to cause such discussion and controversy, although I should be used to controversy by now. The blog itself came to mind last night without any particular reason or urgency and maybe I should have titled it Mohave County “will be in Water Shortage”, instead of saying “is in Water Shortage”. 

Secondly, I wrote this blog without any ulterior motives strictly out of the knowledge that water, not only in Mohave County is yet another irreplaceable natural resource that is being wasted and drained faster than it can be replaced almost all over the world.  

Thirdly, I haven’t read any of the reports mentioned by anyone and my conclusions are solely derived from my own observations, local and world news, and my dreaded common sense. 

My thinking is based on the fact of global climate chance, global warming, before unheard of  droughts, the almost loss of Lake Mead, water shortages in Texas, the City of Atlanta, Las Vegas, California and many other places and that realization that the desert we live in is called desert for one and only one reason. It’s predominant shortage or lack of water. Another indication that we on planet Earth are slowly running out of fresh water are of course also the first desalination plants that are in operation in our nation, located not in desert areas. 

Yet another indication might be that freshwater is now already called “blue gold” amongst investor cycles and the following “Conspiracy Theory” video of whom I at least know one very serious investors personally, might give some further thoughts:

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