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Thursday, February 2, 2012

War commenced against “Freedom of Speech” in Northern Arizona

Elmer Whittaker  02/02/2012

Today Thursday, February 2, 2012 might become known as the day when war was commenced on the citizens of Mohave County. A day and a declaration which must be rectified and overturned by the great and still free citizens of this county.

The first assault on our liberties was possibly led more than a month ago by federal agents in the town of Seligman, AZ were apparently unbeknownst to the rest of the county a supposed anti-government group called the “sovereign citizens” were disbanded and its alleged leader Shawn Rice arrested after a 10 hour standoff with federal troops. The exact nature of the charges against Shawn Rice is not known to us but might have something to do with propagating anti-government rhetoric amongst other group members, which of course would be a clear violation of our constitutional amendment for “Freedom of Speech”.

Samuel Davis, an alleged co-leader and defendant had apparently already been apprehended prior to this assault and is already serving a 57 months prison term for to us also unbeknownst charges.

The second assault led against the liberties of the great citizens of the County of Mohave was led by Judge Michael D. Slovek when convicting Mervin “Pitchfork” Fried like a common criminal for criminal trespassing for wearing a T-Shirt with a slogan to a Mohave County Board of Supervisor Meeting on August 1, 2011 that did not find the approval of the Board of Supervisors.

Judge Michael D. Slovek’s ruling did not only contradict and overturn a U.S. Supreme Court in 1971 by Judge Harlan in tthe case vs. Paul Cohen which specifically protected free speech slogans under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, but effectively suspended Freedom of Speech in all of Mohave County, in spite of other rulings for violations of Freedom of Speech against the County of Mohave in the cases against Jim Kanelos, the first Mervin Fried trial and the still pending law suit of Gianluca Zanna for violating his free speech.

According to Mervin Fried himself the judge explained that the First Amendment is a priviledge, not a right, and that I basically abused the priviledge of free speech that the government allows me to partake of, by wearing the shirt after the meeting started and after I was told to leave because of the shirt.

Eric Egan, attorney for the defendant Mervin Fried noted that Judge Michael D. Slovek did not exactly say that “freedom of speech” was a mere privilege and that the reader needs to use their own judgment in interpreting Judge Slovek’s ruling.

Mervin Fried is scheduled to appear for sentencing on February 23, 2012

I think, that along with the consorted effort of the Mohave County Republican Party to end corruption and abuse of power here in Mohave County led by Republican Party District 2 Director Steven Robinson, candidate for Supervisor Hildy Angius, bloggers Greag “Butch” Meriwether and Elmer Whittaker, the time for the citizens of Mohave County might have come to grab their “pitchforks” and start climbing the walls of the proverbial “Bastion” of our tyrannical local government.

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