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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Big Hurdle: Bi-Partisanship

Elmer Whittaker 08/25/2011
The American citizens and voters are so used to the predominant “two-party” system that many even think it was constitutionally so arranged. That however is not true in the least as can be seen by an occasional third party candidate, even for president.

Googling for National American Parties one can easily find 50 some political parties which are active at the national level. The most prominent of them are of course the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the Libertarian Party, the Green Party and the Independent Party which is not to be confused with being independent and having no particular party affiliation.

The Tea-Party that was started by the Republican Congressman Dr. Ron Paul and his libertarian R3volution back in 2007 is not an official party by itself and can probably after the more or less takeover by supposed constitutional republicans be best viewed as fraction of the Republican Party just as the neocons but maybe more as an opposition to the neocons.

Fifty national parties or not both the Republican and the Democratic Party have been prevalent in American Politics ever since the days of the demise of the Federalist Party back in 1820 if my information is correct.

Looking back in history over the last 100 some years not much else but the two dominant parties have been pushed driving an ever increasing divider between the American voter that already reached the state of hate.

“Liberal” has long become a cussword while “Right Wing” is becoming more and more synonymous with “Bible Thumper” while the extreme sides of both parties have already become the new synonymies for “Socialists” and respectively “Domestic Terrorists” raising serious questions if being a “Patriot” is actually a good thing or a bad.

One way or another, division of the American voter is the key phrase here. Nothing could be more desirable for the ruling elite, the shadow government, the puppet masters and the New World Order than keeping the people at each other’s throats instead of standing united against tyranny, police state and socialism and if you like the phrase better, fascism.

A second American Revolution is needed to keep the tyranny in check and restore the constitution along with all the liberties we lost. But divided as this country is a second Civil War seems to be more likely than the American Citizenry standing united for Liberty and Justice and for the restoration of the Constitution along with its Bill of Rights.

If “We the people” even want to have a remote chance to save ourselves and our country from tyranny, then we must abandon the two party system that divides us. A Revolution, whether with political or forceful means cannot be started already divided. That will only lead to civil war.

It’s not that we should bury our hatchets, but we MUST bury our hatchets call a truce between ideologies and indeed restore the constitution, without room for compromise. We are already so far down the rabbit hole that there are no guarantees that we succeed. But for God’s sake, for our Founding Fathers sake, for our Children and Grandchildren’s sake and lastly for our own sake we simply must defeat tyranny and police state, or die trying.

In the meantime we need to follow sound advice given by many wise and experienced people:
Governor Jesse Ventura suggests to vote for third party candidates only. Lou Dobbs propagates to register and vote Independent. I personally favor the method of voting for candidates instead of the parties they run for, and a libertarian friend of mine suggested the way of Richard Maybury on his video:

How to Win the Revolution Peacefully? Part 1: http://youtu.be/F6Gyq-NFq3I

How to Win the Revolution Peacefully? Part 2: http://youtu.be/YlLWHACzOb0

Whatever it is that you are choosing to do, for the sake of all the Heroes who fell and gave their life for our freedom, do something. Reach out to your neighbor, bury the hatchet, call in a truce, let’s restore the constitution as our Founding Fathers have designed it for us, a Republic, and once this is done we can always fine tune it, if needed.

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