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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The End of the Constitution in Mohave County

This report is to give a detailed description of the incidents at the Mohave County Board of Supervisors Tax meeting on August 1, 2011 in Kingman, AZ.

During a break rather in the beginning of the meeting, Mohave County Administration Chief of Security Robert Prince was observed stealing numerous pages of signed petitions of Mohave County citizens from the auditorium where the meeting was held.

Mr. Prince attempted to leave the scene of the crime followed by Mr. Whittaker, Mr. DiCicco and Mr. Ron McJunking who actually printed the petitions and laid them ready for the citizens to sign. Mr. Prince ignored any of the people calling his name to attention until he reach the top of the stairs of the auditorium where Mr. Whittaker, DiCicco and McJunking had a chance to ask Mr. Prince to return the petitions as they were the citizens property. 
Security Chief Robert Prince took a moment of distraction to flee the scene with the stolen petitions. He was once again followed by Elmer Whittaker and Al DiCicco and informed that this was criminal theft and hat he was committing a crime, but Mr. Prince continued his flight. As some point Mr. Whittaker and DiCicco were stopped by an armed security guard and were unable to continue to follow the perpetrator. 

The armed security guard then agreed to look into the matter and went about to see where Mr. Prince went. 

According to the FBI the stealing of voters petitions constitutes voter fraud and is a federal crime and felony and falls within the FBI’s jurisdiction. 

While on the way back to the auditorium Mr. Whittaker asked the security guards for the Sheriff’s Deputies who were assigned to guard the meeting earlier as they are in every meeting. Mr. Whittaker was told that there are no Sheriff’s Deputies on duty, which struck Mr. Whittaker as odd, as they were Deputies at every meeting, and today they all knew they was a Tax Protest announced. 

Mr. Elmer Whittaker then asked the security guards to call the Sheriff’s Office for assistance, but was told he had to do that himself. And so Mr. Whittaker did on his way back to his seat in the auditorium. 

Later Mr. Whittaker learned that there were no Deputies available because they subdued, arrested and violated Mr. Mervin Freed for exercising his 1st amendment right of free speech. Nobody was aware of the fact that a citizens has already disappeared from the Board of Supervisor meeting. 

10 – 15 minutes after Elmer Whittaker called the Sheriff’s Office for assistance with the stolen petitions Mr. Whittaker stood outside the entrance of the auditorium where he expected the requested Sheriff’s Deputies to come from. To Mr. Whittaker’s surprise Sheriff’s Sergeant Don Bischoff confronted him coming OUT FROM the auditorium. 

Mr. Whittaker and Sergeant Don Bischoff share an unfortunate past. It was Sgt. Bischoff who threatened to kill Mr. Whittaker in April of 2010 on Mr. Whittaker’s own property shorty after Mr. Whittaker filed a complaint with the FBI against Kingman Police Department Police Chief Robert DeVries. The Police Chief son, Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron DeVries had assaulted Mr. Whittaker just minutes earlier before Sgt. Don Bischoff uttered his threat. 

Once confronted by Sgt. Bischoff in front of the auditorium Mr. Whittaker explained the situation with the stolen petitions and Sgt. Bischoff shrewdly told Mr. Whittaker to ask Mr. Prince to return the petitions. With that Sgt. Bischoff turned around and headed back into the auditorium.  

Mr. Whittaker now astonished, attempted to get back to his seat in the auditorium as he was on the list of speakers to address the Board of Supervisors, when Sgt. Bischoff suddenly hurled around and forcefully rammed his for a law enforcement officer much too fat belly against Mr. Whittaker in an unsuccessful attempt to dislodge him of his feet. 

Sgt. Don Bischoff now grabbed Mr. Whittaker violently by his left upper arm while a plain clothes security guard grabbed Mr. Whittaker’s right upper arm, in which he held his cellphone which video and audio recorded the incident. 

Video evidence: This video and audio evidence has not yet been released by Mr. Whittaker pending legal procedures. 

Sgt. Bischoff and the civilian security guard now dragged Mr. Whittaker violently out of the building who was luckily able to yell for help several times which can even be heard on the security video of the meeting. Mr. Whittaker was dragged so forcefully that he actually lost his pants during the assault. 

According to witnesses building security guards held the doors to the auditorium shut so no other people could come to the aid of Mr. Elmer Whittaker or witness more details  of the incident.

Alerted by Mr. Whittaker’s cries for help Mr. DiCicco was able to follow them with his video cam and was able to take some pictures of his illegal detention and kidnapping in front of the Mohave County Building. 

When realizing that Mr. DiCicco was now videotaping the entire incident the perpetrators behavior and demeanor drastically changed, although Sgt. Bischoff had a very hard time keeping himself under control when Mr. Whittaker revealed that Sgt. Bischoff once threatened to kill him. 
The plain clothes security guard then asked Mr. Whittaker if he would like to go back into the meeting, which Mr. Whittaker of course did, as he never wanted to be assaulted and dragged out of the building in the first place. 
Mr. Whittaker’s request to Sgt. Bischoff to call his supervisor Lieutenant McKie to the scene was flat out denied. 

Just for the record. Outside the building the perpetrators were joined by Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron DeVries who assaulted me in April of last year just before Sgt. Bischoff threatened to kill me.

There are numerous witnesses and additional video and audio evidence available including the security tapes of the entrance to the auditorium which have been requested by Mr. Whittaker from Sheriff’s Lieutenant Dean McKie and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 
This report and statement was written by the victim Elmer R. Whittaker on August 2, 2011 
Elmer Whittaker swears that this is the truth and nothing but the truth, so help him God.

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