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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chemtrails over Mohave County are confirmed!

We The People Of Mohave County 08/30/2011
After 14 out of 17 residents of Golden Valley, AZ Kingman, AZ and Bullhead City, AZ tested positive for highly toxic levels of Barium, Aluminum, or Uranium some residents from Phoenix have also tested positive for toxic levels. 

Barium, Aluminum, and Strontium are said to be chemicals used in chemtrails supposedly sprayed by air planes all over the United States. Chemtrails are supposedly not to be confused with well-known vapor trails. The possible reason for chemtrails and its perpetrators is still open for speculation but it is generally assumed that the federal government and/or the military is behind such chemtrails. As possible reasons it is speculated that it has something to do with the slowing down Global Warming, Weather Modification, Agenda 21 and/or Geoengineering.

Tests of the aquifer ground and drinking well water, a possible source of Barium have tested negative in the Kingman, Bullhead City and Golden Valley area.

Yesterday the Lab tests for rainwater tested positive for toxic levels Barium, Aluminum and Strontium, which leaves little doubt that the chemicals are found in the air, sprayed by chemtrail airplanes.

The deadly chemicals found in chemtrails could be a byproduct of the fight against Global Warming, Weather Modification or Geoengineering but could also be an intended way of population control and reduction as outlined in Agenda 21, which of course would amount to genocide.

Mr. Luca Zanna and Al DiCicco who were the major and driving force behind the investigation of chemtrails in Mohave County have already contacted numerous politicians in Arizona, but have received little more than a cold shoulder if not ridicule. With the results of the new rain water tests, there is however very little doubt that chemtrails are indeed real and are killing the population and not only here in Arizona.

It is time to at least attempt to put a stop to the use of chemtrails at the very least over Arizona.

Mr. Luca Zanna’s website Chemtrail Barium Project and Expose Chemtrails is an excellent source with detailed information, videos and politicians who need to be contacted and bombarded with complaints over those toxic chemtrails.

The Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer should have the power to declare Arizona a no fly zone for chemtrails and save the health and lives of Arizona’s residents.

Don’t procrastinate anymore and take action today!

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