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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Desperate times are heading toward Mohave County

Elmer Whittaker 09/21/2011
This is a response to Butch (Greag) Meriwether’s Blog in the Kingman Daily Miner “Exciting times are heading toward Mohave County”: http://kdminer.com/main.asp?SectionID=109&SubSectionID=718&ArticleID=46752&TM=57127.66  


It is nice to see things in a positive light and with rose collared glasses at times, but when this practice is overdone it easily turns into ignoring reality and sticking one’s head into the desert sand. Not all is well in Mohave County. In fact, for those who chose to look and see, very little is well in our county.

Yes certainly I agree, there seems to be a lack of second and third parties to challenge the mighty Mohave County Republican Party. There is little to see or hear from the Mohave County Democratic Party, not even a chapter of the Green Party and quite irritatingly no chapter of the Libertarian Party, although the Libertarians are most conservative and constitutional, unlike some Republican Party officials believe them to be globalists.

Although it is possibly the way American politics works, but at the first sign that an official Libertarian Party chapter reared its head in Mohave County, an organized smear campaign was started against the organizer of such chapter to let not even get another party footed her in Mohave County.

By now, Libertarians, Constitutionalist and even Democrats have noticed that they might have a better chance of being elected being a registered Mohave County Republican. Even I myself as a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus have been talked into being a registered Republican from being a Libertarian.

Having no real competition however give the Mohave County Republican Party more or less a monopoly which obviously is being abused just as most monopolies are. Corruption and abuse of power have been running rampant in Mohave County for many years.

While many citizens are thoroughly fed up with the same old corruption of the local political leaders, county and city law enforcement and our judicial branch a “new breed” of corrupt politician and officials are standing by to replace the old one’s from whom most of the people finally know the truth about them.

However, in 2012 it will not be so easy to take over the local government, law enforcement and judicial branch, as within the Mohave County Republican Party a new generation of honest and liberty loving members and candidates have emerged who goal it is to end the corruption in Mohave County and restore justice and liberty as well as the US Constitution with its Bill Of Rights.

Naturally, blocking me on Facebook so as to not having to be irritated by the truth and instead praising Rick Sherwood’s Mohave County Folks Facebook Group plays right into my commentary. Alone the name Mohave County Folks is highly misleading as most of the non-Republicans and those who disagree with Rick Sherwood have already been removed from that group. The group is censored and messages and posting not in compliance with Rick Sherwood’s agenda simply deleted.

I think “Mohave County Neocons” might have been a much more fitting name.

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