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Friday, September 23, 2011

Sherwood’s un-electability

Elmer Whittaker  09/22/2011

Personally I don’t have much knowledge’s how Rick Sherwood (R) serves the citizens of Mohave County as Commissioner on the Planning & Zoning Board, but the prior unanimous comments speak pretty much for themselves.

My first experience with Rick Sherwood was at a meeting with Billy and Beth Soloe in Golden Valley, AZ in which Rick Sherwood sought to win my support for him running for Board of Supervisors in 2012. While he didn’t leave a very good impression with either of us the most disturbing and memorable facts were when he pronounced that the US Constitution had very little to do with a County Supervisors job, and when he laughed in my face declaring that there was no corruption in Mohave County.

I think that these two statement were the main reason neither me, Billy or Beth were able or willing to assure him our immediate support and so we left the issue open to learn more about Rick Sherwood first.

What I learned about Rick Sherwood in the following weeks however, was more than just disturbing and appalling. While Rick Sherwood was glad to I introduced him to so many of my political friends (as long they were Republicans) and simply kicked all the by me brought in Libertarians out of his Mohave County Folks Group, including Barry Hess a Board member of the Arizona Libertarian Party, for no other reason that they were Libertarians. He must have had mercy with me somehow, as I was still a registered Libertarian back then.

Although after strong protests of myself against the elimination of Libertarians from his group he readmitted some of them, but I guess now my goose was cooked, and I was soon kicked out of his group.

It is no longer a secret that Rick Sherwood censors his group and gets rid of people who do not adhere to his agenda. To me alone his discrimination against anyone else but Republicans, is a clear sign that even when elected to the Board of Supervisors he would have no intentions to serve his whole constituency but continue to discriminate.

Add to this the fact that he does not believe that the US Constitution with its Bill Of Rights has anything to with the Office of Supervisor and his denial of corruption in Mohave County then you have a candidate worse than the ones we have in place now and which we desperately seek to replace.

I personally think that Rick Sherwood lacks the integrity, character and honesty that a Supervisor should have.

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