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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Search Warrants, Dogs and Deaths

Elmer Whittaker  09/13/2011
It has long become standard procedure for Law Enforcement in particular SWAT Teams to shoot and kill the family dog when conducting a Search Warrant. If you look around even in the mass media you can find so many cases were innocent dogs are shot down like vermin, not even to mention the alternative media. Alone on YouTube are more than a half a million police brutality videos posted, growing on a daily basis.

I have little doubt that law enforcement is trained to shoot dogs on site if they even let out a little bark against the often unconstitutional intruders. The entry teams are so well protected with bullet proof vests, shields and helmets that the barking of a smaller dog really should not be a valid reason to shoot someone’s pet and family member.

Unfortunately, as we as a nation slide deeper and deeper into the tyranny of a police state, dogs are no longer the only victims of the law enforcements abuse of power. More and more you can read, hear and see about “search warrants” being executed in which the house owner who often don’t has enough time to comprehend the situation, is shot to death. To an increasing number many “search warrants” are executed on false information, false addresses or the wrong suspects.

Law enforcement officers who took an oath the protect and defend the constitution often are completely ignorant of what the constitution says or chose to violate constitutional rights just because there are little to no consequences for the law enforcement officers.

Here in Mohave County the corruption and abuse of power of law enforcement, judicial branch and political leadership runs so rampant, that the only hope remaining for the citizens of Mohave County is a complete change in the upcoming elections of 2012.

There is not even one incumbent running who deserves just another minute longer in office. Most of all an honest and constitutional Sheriff is needed along with a new Mohave County Attorney and a complete new Board of Supervisors.

It cannot continue that citizens are more afraid of law enforcement then of the supposed bad guys, or are intimidated or arrested from practicing their civic rights by law enforcement officers who are well aware of the fact that they violating a person’s inalienable constitutional rights.

If we are to improve relations between law enforcement and citizens an open and honest dialog is needed, maybe in form of a town hall meeting in which the LEO’s agree to speak honestly without the criminal pestilence of “code blue”.

It is my opinion that if relations between law enforcement and citizenry of Mohave County do not improve soonest the possibility exists that this county might be heading for a serious confrontation. Most people have a limit beyond which they cannot be pushed.

Maybe Shawn Williams courage’s commentary was a big step in the right direction.

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