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Saturday, September 17, 2011

MCSO Cover-Up in fatal shooting?

Elmer Whittaker 09/18/2011

The shooting dead of 30 year old Kingman resident William Bonnee by Mohave County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Davis (25) a 3 year Deputy of MCSO and former Correction Officer in the Mohave County Jail might be more than just an incident of excessive self-defense on Deputy Davis’ part. 

The shooting dead of William Bonnee occurred just two days after Sheriff’s Deputies Jeff Davis’ most controversial shooting of a family’s pet dog when the MCSO intruded on the property of a Kingman family in search for suspect who had lived at this address a couple of years earlier.

The official stories as reported by the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office and the Kingman Police Department apparently do not satisfy the need for details and surrounding circumstances of Deputy Davis’ first doubtful dog shooting and much less for the fatal shooting of William Bonnee  just a couple of days later, as can easily be seen on the outraged commentaries to the Kingman Daily Miner newspaper, which has been censoring the commentaries right from the beginning in order to protect the official report as released by MCSO and KPD.

Kingman man on violent rampage shot, killed by deputy:

Deputy involved in 2 separate shootings:

Amongst the many complaints about the commentaries censorships some details of the censored parts have now begun to leak through:

Some commentators confirmed that now Sheriff’s Deputy Davis was a Correction Officer at the Mohave County jail and was known to take many situations to the max as far as punishment, filing complaints, and going above and beyond regular disciplinary actions against prisoners.

Others have spoken to friends who have had run ins with Deputy Davis, in which he was incredible shaky, nervous and extremely insulting and threatening. They further reported to know for a fact that Deputy Davis is rather small, very skinny, and looks rather weak. The consensus of censored commentators also reported that Davis indeed went to High School in Kingman and that he was apparently bullied in high school. Deputy Davis is in general considered a very insecure man who might be over compensating with excessive force for his own insecurities.

Another censored commentator reported being harassed and her live in brother who is currently on parole for failure to pay child support, has been much closer scrutinized in one instance even with drawn handguns, ever since she make some disparaging remarks about Law Enforcement in the Kingman Daily Miner using her real name. The victim has since contacted out of county media outlets such as Phoenix Newspaper with her story.

Yet another censored commentator to the Kingman Daily Miner found mysterious and dubious contradictions in the released Fire Department report and the partial released 911 tapes of the incident:

Released 911 Tapes:

She refers to the released tapes as partial because “it is abruptly cut off after the 7 shots are fired and the women (victim) yells "why" to which the officer yells "don't touch him" and the recording cuts off.

If you filter the 911 tapes, the commentator goes on, you hear the woman start the call by saying "there is a man next to my car, send medical, he is bleeding" you also hear the woman ask "what happened to you" and you hear William Bonnee calmly state " your dogs attacked me"  before he is beat by someone, the woman's kid perhaps..... you also hear the police cruiser pull up then immediately 7 shots.... never once did you hear drop your weapon...... but you can hear him yell after the shots...... something fishy going on here, the commentator concludes.

This of course would not be the first time that police officers warn their suspects and victims after the fact. Personally I think an independent out of county investigation into both incidents, the one of the dog shooting  and the case of the fatal shooting of William Bonnee are more than just called for.

It cannot continue that possibly cases of police misconduct, police brutality or the abuse of power can so easily be covered up without the slightest of consequences, while most complaints about Mohave County Law Enforcement officers are rejected without investigation for baseless allegations.

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