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Friday, July 29, 2011

KPD refused to take crime report

By Elmer Whittaker © 2011

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office or the Kingman Police Department refusing to take a victim’s crime report is certainly not an isolated incident.

In August of 2009 I had been the victim of numerous felonies and a number of misdemeanors. I was the victim of false arrest, wrongful imprisonment, filing a false police report, malicious prosecution and conspiracy of those crimes. Further I was the victim of felony theft, felony credit card frauds, felony and federal criminal damage.

But instead of charging and prosecuting the known perpetrators, the corrupt Kingman Police Department fabricated a case against me and the equally corrupt Kingman City Attorney’s Office prosecuted me maliciously with their attack dog prosecutor Duncan J. Rose who had to dismiss the case after 7 months as he did not even have a shred of evidence against me.

When in March of 2010 I finally was able to file a police report with the Kingman Police Department against the perpetrators, the KPD along with Chief of Police Robert DeVries simply refused to take my crime report.

Having been though the abyss of corruption already, I now was faced with a corrupt situation that I never thought was even possible in our country. In my quest for justice I once again contacted the City’s Attorney’s Office, the Mohave County ‘s Office, the Department of Public Safety (AZ State Police) the Arizona Attorney General’s Corruption Task Force, the Attorney General himself, Congressman Trent Franks, Arizona Senator Ron Gould, Governor Jan Brewer and the US Justice Department. Absolutley nobody cared the assist, help or gave a damn about the abuse of power of Kingman Police Chief Robert DeVries and all the criminal and constitutional violations perpetrated against me.

Finally I thought I got lucky in Lake Havasu City where I contacted Special Agent Jeremy Schwartz from the FBI, who actually took the time, effort and dedication of at least looking through my evidence and accepting my complaint against Kingman Police Chief Robert DeVries. After investigation of the case Special Agent Schwartz simply could not find enough reason and criminal wrongdoing on part of the KPD to pursue the complaint further and tried to make me feel better by assuring me that cases like this are unfortunately not isolated incidents.

Instead however, shortly after I filed my complaint against Police Chief DeVries, his son Mohave County Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron DeVries assaulted my on my own property, arrested and jailed me on three counts of yet another fabricated “crime”, while his Sheriff’s Seargent Don Bischoff threatened to kill me.

Although there was a number of witnesses to the incident, my complaint against DeVries and Bischoff with Sheriff Tom Sheahan was arrogantly dismissed by Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Jim McCabe for “baseless allegations” without even interviewing one single witness.

To this day I am still irritated that none of the local journalists ever picked up the story with the exception of course of “Corruption Busters” Frank Costigan and Dave Hays from KTOX 1340 AM

By now I naturally learned that our law enforcement can easily get away with murder.

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