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Friday, July 29, 2011

Presidential Puppets

By Elmer Whittaker 07/29/2011

What I am trying to say is simply that there is little point and even less to gain from removing or destroying a puppet (Obama). The Puppet Master (Shadow Government, FED, Bankers, Bilderbergs, etc.) would just pick up another puppet and continue their puppet show, while many of us might even see a reason to celebrate for having removed a puppet (Obama).

Unless we are searching and destroying the root of the problem, meaning the people and organizations behind the tyranny (the Puppet Masters), we will be destroyed by them, completely, without exception and merciless.

The saddest and worst part however is, that there is absolutley no guarantee that we could still win and preserve out liberties if all of us would start peaceful resistance now. Even worse, the same holds true even if the resistance would not be peaceful.

All we are doing by focusing on the removal of Obama and then ultimately his successor is continue the planted division of the American people as an extension of the two party division that already keeps us from uniting against tyranny.

Restoring our Constitution with its Bill of Right would be the best solution to a peaceful resistance. I’m all for that. “Restore the Constitution” is my motto. Unfortunately, I have noticed that “they” not “him” are eroding our Constitution much faster than we can possibly restore it by peaceful means.

It wasn’t too long ago when I thought thank God, we got rid of Bush. We escaped tyranny. Now we can “Nullify” everything Bush did so badly for our nation. Stop the wars, stop the Bankers bail out, close Guantanamo Bay, rid ourselves of that Godforsaken instrument of tyranny, the Patriot Act, and rekindle liberty and justice for all by restoring the Constitution.

But have you ever noticed, that nothing a previous President has ever done, no matter how bad for the country, no matter how bad for you and me, gets “nullified”, reversed or simply thrown out?

Nothing! Nothing gets us back to the way it was. Everything keeps just getting worse and worse. Doesn’t matter which party is in power, the agenda is exactly the same. This is actually natural, as it is not the parties who set the agenda. It is the Shadow Government who sets the agenda, and that is why nothing ever changes.

Sure we can keep playing their game, on their turf, on their conditions just as we have done so many decades. But why if we keep playing the same game would we expect a different outcome this time?

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