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Friday, July 29, 2011

Mandatory Drug Testing

By Elmer Whittaker © 2011

I went to see my Doctor in Las Vegas today for my 3 monthly check-up and to get some refills on some of the medications I take. I used to take Oxycodone pain pills along with the muscle relaxant Valium for my back and knee pain. I have since stepped down to Percocet pain pills who seem to prove more effective for me.

Amidst blood work my Doctor usually does a urine analysis. This time however he asked me for two urine samples. One for the usual analysis and one for the DA I thought he said. “DA” I questioned rather alarming. But he immediately tried to make me feel more comfortable by correcting me with, “No, not DA” but “DEA”. Needless to say that didn’t make me feel any better.

He went on the explain that the DEA, yes THAT “DEA”, our Drug Enforcement Agency, now demands a urine sample check to assure that the patient indeed is taking the medication and not selling it. “Unreal” I yelled out while my Doctor started complaining that they keep increasingly looking over his shoulder, and that they now have made such test mandatory.

So when the nurse then gave me the two sample containers I expected it to be for the usual urine test and one to check for the Percocet and Valium. That of course was real naïve thinking of me. The drug test of course was a very extensive drug test for all an any legal and illegal drugs in your system. Marihuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamines, Opiates, Ecstasy, etc. and I remember seeing the names of prescription drugs such as Oxycodone and other stuff. I don’t remember if Percocet and Valium was even listed specifically.

Well, since I was at my favorite Doctor’s office I didn’t want to make a scene like I would have made in any Doctors office in Kingman or Bullhead City, and just stated in my sternest voice, “this cannot be constitutional!”. So the nurse went on to explain that this is a new law that they are about to pass.

So I replied that passing a law does not necessarily make constitutional, but realized already I am talking to the wrong person here. Since I was planning to go to the Las Vegas Freedom Fest afterwards I just wanted to get it over with and gave her my drug test which hopefully (!) proves positive for Percocet and Valium.

I wonder if the DEA comes to arrest me here in Arizona for not taking my medication if it fails to test positive for Percocet and Valium, or if they only come and get me if it tests positive for Cocaine, which actually happened to me some 15 years ago for an unknown reason.

Is mandatory drug testing when visiting your Doctor constitutional and is there really a law planned to being passed in legislator that I have not even heard of yet?

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