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Friday, July 29, 2011

Shameful incompetence at Mohave Community College (MCC)

By Elmer Whittaker © 2011

While I usually think wage increases for employees I am looking at this wage increase for MMC with very mixed feelings.

As I was luckily educated in Europe, for the first time have I signed up with the MCC for this semester to take classes helpful and needed for my business. I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my live and haven’t been to any college in almost 30 years.

The level of incompetence encountered at the MCC Neal Campus in Kingman while enrolling and applying for the college was more than just shocking. I can honestly say that I have never in my life seen a corporation or organization as dysfunctional as the MCC Campus in Kingman.

Now it would be easy to simply blame the regular employees of which any are also students at the MCC, but this would neither be fair nor true. Although many of those regular employees display signs of almost complete lack of training, it is the leadership and supervisor positions at the Neal Campus that seem to fail their job.

At this point I really would like to point out the by myself experienced outrageous arrogance, indifference and the complete lack of communication skills by the Dean and the Financial Aid Director when it comes to interactions with the students who last not least represent the “customers” of MCC.

As from the financial point of view the MCC depends would on students as their customer in order to meet their financial goals it is completely intolerable to treat their customers (students) in such deplorable ways.

Before now a flood of responses will question my judgment or qualification to make such determinations, I’d like to interject that I used to be a business consultant back in Europe and in my early years here in the United States, who was specialized to help improving failing or dysfunctional companies.

As in most cases nowadays many regular employees are underpaid an increase in wages would certainly be a good thing but I must strongly question the ability of the leadership and supervisors of the individual campuses to increase productivity or functionality and therefore can only predict a drop in profitability which would clearly speak against an increase in wages. I have however not had the chance of examining the financial records of the MCC.

It is a shame that our Mohave County Community College leaders do not show more inspiration and pride to operate our college in an at least acceptable manner. Why are we surprised if our youth turns out unmotivated to stay in school and all together not sufficiently educated.

I cannot imagine that improving MCC is a matter of finance. If the leadership is incompetent, unqualified and operates in a careless manner, then the leadership simply needs to be replaced. I see little to no gain in attempting to motivate and educate the already failed current leadership.

If we the grown-ups lead by such embarrassing example and attitude what do we expect how our young students turn out.

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