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Friday, July 15, 2011

Staunch Supporter

by Elmer Whittaker © 2011

Up to 2 years ago I was a staunch supporter of our law enforcement and had the greatest respect. When I heard about police corruption and brutality, I always though there are a few bad cops amongst the law enforcement and some incidents I thought were provoked and exaggerated.

As I always lived in big cities I even often blamed the black community for blaming the law enforcement for everything they possibly could.

Needless to say in my 50 years I had never been arrested before, never been to court before and never even been charged with anything. But then after living in Valley Vista and Golden Valley for four years already the Kingman Aid for Abused People (KAAP) and a Kingman Police Department Police Officer fabricated a case against me and I was charged. I eventually realized that the entire Kingman Police Department is riddled with corruption.

Still thinking that was an isolated incident with a corrupt Police Officer, I was sure I could straighten out the problem easily with the prosecutor as I was lucky enough that the entire incident they accused me of, was caught on a security camera. But I only found out how corrupt the Kingman Prosecutors office is.

Even the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office proved to be completely corrupted and fabricated their own case against me.

I denied any plead offers from any of the involved Prosecutors’ Offices. After having been maliciously prosecuted for seven month for each fabricated case before both cases were dismissed just days before the set trials, never even giving me a chance of clearing my name. Back then I even attempted to get the case back before a Judge which of course was denied. Now I am glad it was denied as I found out that the Judge was also corrupt. For both cases I was arrested and had to spend two days in jail, while my legal fee’s came to about $ 20,000

Many people disbelieve my claims, although I have ample of evidence, because they just cannot imagine the extend of corruption of our law enforcement and justice system. But that I cannot help. I can only continue to tell the truth and work for justice, although many people will never believe until it happens to them or a loved one.

Today I am a freedom fighter fighting for justice and liberty and against corruption in law enforcement and politics in Mohave County and the United States. I will never rest until justice is served for everyone that ever was a victim of law enforcement and our corrupt justice system. I will never forget.

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